How does it work?

Step 1 – Choose an alphabet and t-shirt color.

There is a wide range of alphabets styles and t-shirt colors to choose from. Have a browse through our alphabets and then go to the product details to see what color options are available.

Select Alphabet T-Shirt Alphabet

Step 2 – Decide the words you want.

You can add any text you want. Be that one word, a simple phrase or slogan, or a complicated word search style grid. (Don't worry, our computer makes the grid, you just submit the words you want). Think of a theme for your words and write a list of them. Ideas include:

  • Names of your family or friends
  • Your sports team
  • Places you've visited
  • Your Pets
  • Hobbies you enjoy
  • Your favourite bands
  • Some song lyrics
  • Your Pets

The only limit is your imagination.

Here's a list of adjectives if your looking for inspiration.

Step 3 – We create your design.

Behind the scenes our program snaps together the letters and creates your image.

If you want to make a word-search, choose up to 10 words and our program creates a word search containing your words. (Type in your words when you're on the product page)How does alphabet Shirts work?

Step 4 – Check you like your image

Creating your image is (for the moment) a manual process. We'll send you an email to make sure you're happy before printing it.

Check your Alphabet Shirts Image

Step 5 – We make your shirt and deliver it to you.

Alphabet T-Shirts Delivered

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Black Cat Alphabet

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Alphabet Eyes

Great for families & children

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Animal Alphabet

Superb for hidden messages

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