About Alphabet Shirts


John Cant - Alphabet ShirtsMy Name is John Cant and I've been strangely obsessed with cool T-Shirts since I was a teenager. Clothes say so much about you, but with an entertaining picture then you can deliver your message in one knock-out blow.

First Version of Alphabet Shirts

Alphabet Shirts was born out of a problem I had. I was sick of buying stuff which my family didn't need (or particularly want) at Christmas.

I wanted to "create" a personal & unique present especially for them but I'm rubbish at art so drawing something wasn't an option.

Then I discovered the #36DaysOfType project whilst looking for inspiration. "AHaa! A word grid with a hidden message", I thought.

So I made some T-Shirts with a word grid for my family and they loved them. Then lots of friends started asking me "Wow - Your t-shirt's really clever, where did you get it?". So Alphabet-Shirts.com was born as we're now on a mission to help thousands of other families look great too.


Tom Hussey, Co-founder, Alphabet-shirts My name is Tom Hussey and I've been friends with John for 10 years. When he told me about his idea, it sounded fantastic and I wanted to be involved.

I loved the cool designs and the personalisation aspect of it. The alphabet t-shirts have huge potential in making gifts more special and meaningful. Not just for family t-shirts but also countries for people travelling, names for sports teams … We’ve got lots of ideas!

My role is taking care of the technical side of creating the grids, as well as some of our social media. It gives both my left and right brain plenty to do. I also argue with John about t-shirt design from time to time. He likes pink, I prefer yellow.

I'm currently on remote year working in 12 different locations with some amazing entrepreneurs and it's opened my eyes to how it’s possible to start up a new company and still be able to have a fantastic lifestyle.

If you've got any comments or questions then please email me at hello@alphabet-shirts.com. I'd love to hear from you.